The Elixir Of Life Through Wellness Plan & benefits 

The Elixir Of Life Through Wellness Plan & benefits 

In the current era of globalization and urbanized setups life has become fast-paced and nobody really has the time to take a moment and look after their own well being. Ironic, isn’t it? Well, in order to take a middle ground in this paradoxical situation wellness programs are the anecdotes to healthy living without compromising on the time scale.

First things first wellness plan & benefits programs are designed for betterment and improvement of fitness and stamina for a long sustained healthy living through the workplace. The programs are inclusive of a variety of incentives as reward prizes, gym membership and other positive reinforcements in luring the clients for follow-up participation.

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Benefits of Wellness plans

  • Quit smoking schemes
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management sessions
  • Recreational activities including workplace sponsored trekking, mountaineering, and sports activities
  • Regular health checkups
  • Immunization with vaccination shots
  • Awareness with AIDS/Cancer prevention
  • Encourages healthy eating habits
  • Improves work efficiency and productivity
  • Inculcates teamwork and adaptability
  • Elevates retention and reduces health care costs

Types of wellness programs


  • Smoking cessation programs


It is evident with the kind of health risks that are associated with smoking will hamper work efficiency sooner or later in addition to the rise in health care cost going in for the treatment. Companies and other related workplaces have strongly recommended the implementation of smoking cessation programs which includes the counseling, behavioral therapy sessions, and pharmacological support as nicotine-containing products to help a person quit smoking.

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  • Yoga classes


Right from ancient times, yoga has profound relevance to Ayurveda and now scientific studies have also confirmed the positive significance it has on mental well being thereby promoting increased focus and concentration. With fiercely competitive work domains and cutting edge deadlines employees are prone to stress more than ever. Yoga and meditation are some of the most effective measures for relieving stress and thus play a huge role in keeping the lifestyle diseases at bay. A happy employee keeps an employer happy and it is a win-win for everybody.


  • Employee assistance programs


This program is intended to provide extramural support for their employees even outside the work premises aiming to offer guided support channels including financial assistance to overcome substance abuse, depression, and anxiety disorders. Many companies have come forward to be supportive in terms of setting and rewarding wellness goals all having a positive outlook on work culture.

Conclusion and Expected Outcomes

Employees spend more than 75 percent of their time on a daily basis dedicated to their workplace, so it automatically becomes a well-suited setting to address the issue of healthcare through the introduction of wellness plans.

In addition, these wellness plans are intended to act as preventive measures to evade all kinds of lifestyle-oriented diseases like diabetes, hypertension.

For appropriate implementation, proper work channels mediating the right amount of communication in supporting a healthy environment will ensure the longevity for these programs to be receptive to accomplishing the set goals.